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Why GeriMedical?

Orthopedic products are what we do and ALL we have done for the past 18 years and our expert clinical and billing staff is amazing: proficient, knowledgeable and compassionate.

We accept Medicare and most commercial insurances and we confirm eligibility up front. This way choices can be made taking into considering insurance benefits and there no surprise bills because of outstanding deductibles, the insurance does not cover products, or a required authorization was not in place.

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Products are selected to meet individual needs taking into account physical limitations, co-existing medical conditions, desired clinical outcomes and of course lifestyle and personal preferences.

Above all, the ideal product is provided because GeriMedical is manufacturer-neutral, stocking products from leading domestic and many international manufacturers (Townsend, Donjoy, Breg, Ossur, Thuasne,Top Shelf, Lifestyle Bracing, Aspen, Hely Weber, Bird & Cronin, Cybertech, Ovation, Corflex, MedSpec, Trulife, Comfy, DeRoyal, OCSI, RCAI, Independence Brace…)

Treating others as we hope to be treated in our time of need, the GeriMedical Team is 100% committed to ensuring a high level of service tailored to individual needs. We personally look forward to helping you with your orthotic needs.