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Please give us a call at 281-752-8585 should you have immediate feedback or concerns about the product received or services provided by GeriMedical.  We will help you in every way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We are genuinely excited to discover what you like about GeriMedical as well as learn what you wish to see improved, so please share your thoughts.  

Use the link below to review GeriMedical on Google and share information that may be beneficial to others in selecting an orthotics company for their needs.  If our staff exhibited kindness and empathy, was resourceful in finding the ideal product for your condition, managed your insurance claim with ease, or simply just provided an exceptional service, please take a moment to share this with others.

Leave Us A Review

In today’s digital world, online opinions are very important and we truly appreciate your taking a moment to provide an honest Google review. However, if you do not have access to a Google account, we also welcome your thoughts via our Patient Satisfaction Survey. Please follow the instructions and send the completed form directly to our corporate office.

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Over the last two decades we at GeriMedical have constantly looked for ways to improve. From remaining abreast of new product advances to continually seeking better and more efficient processes, it is a high priority to perpetually evolve as an organization. We mean it when we say that we want to hear from you… not only do we truly desire to hear what you appreciate about GeriMedical, but also hope to learn what you would like to see improved as well.

We are genuinely dedicated to upholding our mission of treating others how we hope to be treated in our time of need and appreciate your assistance in helping us continue to improve so we can provide a positive experience for every patient we serve. Thank you so much for your contributions.