Why Choose Orthotics?

Why Choose Orthotics?

Your Patients Seek Help

Daily, patients seek support for unsteady joints and related pain caused by disease or injury. In fact, 1 in 3 adults in the United States are affected by arthritis, and pain is the number one reason why Seniors go to their doctor.

The medical costs and earning losses due to arthritis alone in the US is over $300 BILLION. This does not even include immeasurable associated costs such as the management of other conditions and diseases resulting from immobility due to arthritis like obesity, diabetes, and cardiac conditions. And what about the cost of a decreased quality of life?.

GeriMedical can help your patients suffering from joint pain and instability due to arthritis and other conditions.

Your Patients have Questions

What can you offer a patient needing urgent relief for joint discomfort but cannot tolerate an addition to their medication regimen? What is the safest effective solution when a patient's insurance plan requires a non-invasive alternative treatment before a referral can be made for a joint-related procedure? How can you help ease the overall burden healthcare costs due to reduced mobility and falls?

GeriMedical has answers about practical and effective biomechanical treatment options for your patients.

Your Patients Get Answers & Relief

Working in tandem with your overall treatment and rehabilitation goals, GeriMedical provides joint supports that help preserve and restore functional independence. Orthotics are proven safe and effective and are, in fact, the simplest non-invasive treatment for biomechanical problems. By stabilizing the joint, orthotics reduce pain, often decreasing the need for pharmaceuticals. They are also the ideal choice for patients who are poor candidates for joint-related procedures due to complicating health or social conditions.

With a comprehensive and personalized approach, GeriMedical provides only orthotics with high patient compliance and proven positive outcomes from the industry's leading manufacturers. GeriMedical wants to help you help your patients fully embrace life with the use of biomechanical solutions for their biomechanical problems.

Let us Help you with your Patient?